Hello everyone, here's a brief run down of some things you might be curious about before contacting us:

Q: How much am I paid as an affiliate?
A: You get paid a full 60% commission on every initial signup plus every rebill that user makes until they stop being a member.

Q: What are the options for my payouts?
A: You can get paid by either check or wire payment.

BRIEF FAQ (Part 2)

Q: Are there tools?
A: Of course! After you signup just login to your account and click on the Tools tab up top to find the link to the tools section of payingsolutions.com :)

Q: What happens when a refund or chargeback occurs?
A: You don't get credit for that as that is a loss in sale, it's something that rarely ever happens however as we don't lie about our content and update very frequently.

Q: How often do you update your members area?
A: Every single day, with about 300MB-900MB of new celebrity content. We have a commitment to our members that can't be matched.

For any other questions just click on the option below to contact us.


Name: Rozman (Owner)
Mail: webmaster@payingsolutions.com